About Local Lodge 2053


Rock River Lodge 2053 is located on W3032 Hwy. 33 Iron Ridge, WI 53035.


The Local Lodge meets on the second Saturday of every month at 7:00 pm. The Executive Board meets at 5:30 pm.


Phone: (920) 387-2053  Please leave your full name, your area code and phone number, also best time for us to call you back. Please speak clearly.


Rock River Lodge 2053 received a Machinists Union charter in 1956. Rock River Lodge 2053 represents approximately 1,000 members working at 5 companies.


• Gleason Reel

• Maysteel

• Wyman-Gordon

• Metalcraft of Mayville

• Anchor Danly


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This Document is hanging in your lodge hall for all that are

interested in some of the Local 2053 history